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2007 Astronomy Events

Local Events at the University of Mississippi


Astronomy Events by Date

  • January 14: Comet McNaught is now visible in broad daylight!: Comet McNaught, the brightest comet to appear in our skies in more than 30 years, has been putting on a spectacular show in the eastern sky at dawn and the western sky at dusk this week. (space)
  • March 3: Total Lunar Eclipse: The eclipse in progress at moonrise in North and South America. (space)
  • August 28: Total Lunar Eclipse: The western United States, Canada, New Zealand, and eastern Australia will see the entire eclipse. (space)
  • 2005 Preview: Highlights of noteworthy events (space, S&T)

(see also the Sky & Telescope observing page and the Spaceweather update)

General Articles on Sky Observation

  • Visible Objects: What is really visible in the night sky from Earth? (space)

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