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History of Astronomy at Ole Miss

Barnard Observatory

The Department of Physics and Astronomy originally occupied Barnard Observatory, which was conceived for that purpose in 1856 by former Chair of Physics and Astronomy Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard.  The Department of Physics and Astronomy moved to Lewis Hall and the Kennon Observatory in 1939. (More details)

Kennon Observatory

The Kennon Observatory was completed in 1939.  Two copper-roofed domes were included to accommodate two different instruments:  a fifteen inch telescope that was purchased in 1893, with co-aligned visual and photographic telescopes, in the bigger dome; the smaller dome originally housed a five inch telescope that had been acquired by F. A. P. Barnard in about 1856.  In 1997, the department began refurbishing the smaller dome and the octagonal rooms of the Kennon Observatory. (More details)