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Telescopes at the University of Mississippi

Kennon Observatory

The Kennon Observatory consits of two copper-roofed domes.

In the larger dome, is a telescope that was purchased from the Sr. Howard Grubb Co. in 1893. It actually consists of 3 co-aligned visual and photographic telescopes; a fifteen-inch visual telescope, a nine-inch photographic telescope and a four-inch visual telescope.

The smaller dome currently houses an electronic CCD camera attached to a seventeen inch Plane Wave, Corrected Dall-Kirkham (CDK) telescope.

Teaching Telescopes

The following telescopes are used in the teaching laboratories:

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Original Telescopes

The five-inch telescope that was originally in the smaller dome was made by Murz & Son of Munich. It had been acquired by F. A. P. Barnard in about 1856 and is now a part of the Millington - Barnard Collection in the University Museum.

Also Barnard had ordered an 18.5 inch refractor telescope from Alvin Clark & Sons in 1856. However, due to the outbreak of the Civil War, it was never delivered to the University of Mississippi. See the "Mississippi Roads" show (#2606) on the Telescope's History