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Teaching Assistants — Spring 2009

Undergraduate Labs:


Astronomy 103: Astronomy I
Sec 1-4: Victor Klymko

Astronomy 104: Astronomy II
Sec 1-2: George Richardson
Sec 3-4: David Sedorook
Sec 5-8: Brooke Rankins
Sec   9: George Richardson
Sec 10: David Sedorook
Sec 11: Brian Mazur
Sec 12 (Honors): Brian Mazur


Physics 108: Physical Science II
Sec 1: Trey Lyons
Sec 2: Trey Lyons
Sec 3: Amanda Gamble
Sec 4: Najat Al-Sherri
Sec 5: Amanda Gamble
Sec 6: Scott King
Sec 7: Trey Lyons
Sec 8: Barney Kipapa
Sec 9: Barney Kipapa

Physics 221: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering I
Sec 1: Caixia Gao
Sec 2: Andrew Thurber
Sec 3: Andrew Thurber

Physics 222: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering II
Sec 1: Heath Rice
Sec 2: Brian Mazur
Sec 3: Bradley Goodwiller
Sec 4: Jake Lancaster
Sec 5: Caixia Gao

Physics 223: Laboratory Physics I
Sec  1-2: Ananya Debnath

Physics 224: Laboratory Physics II
Sec  1: Beth Roberts
Sec  2: Sumedhe Karunarathne
Sec  3: Beth Roberts
Sec  4: Vihara Wijekularatne
Sec  5: Beth Roberts
Sec  6: Ahmed Rashed
Sec  7: Ahmed Rashed
Sec  8: Vihara Wijekularatne
Sec  9: Sumedhe Karunarathne


Teaching Assistant's Photos

Picture of Najat Al-Sherri
Najat Al-Sherri
Picture of Ananya Debnath
Ananya Debnath
Picture of Amanda Gamble
Amanda Gamble
Picture of Caixia Gao
Caixia Gao
Picture of Bradley Goodwiller
Bradley Goodwiller
Picture of Sumedhe Karunarathne
Sumedhe Karunarathne
Picture of Scott King
Scott King
Picture of Barney Kipapa
Barney Kipapa
Picture of Victor Klymko
Victor Klymko
Picture of Jake Lancaster
Jake Lancaster
Picture of Trey Lyons
Trey Lyons
Picture of Brian Mazur
Brian Mazur
Picture of Chris Peters
Chris Peters
Picture of Brooke Rankins
Brooke Rankins
Picture of Ahmed Rashed
Ahmed Rashed
Picture of Baishali Ray
Baishali Ray
Picture of Heath Rice
Heath Rice
Picture of George Richardson
George Richardson
Picture of David Sedorook
David Sedorook
Picture of Andrew Thurber
Andrew Thurber
Picture of Vihara Wijekularatne
Vihara Wijekularatne


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