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Published by admin on Monday, March 1, 2010

The Gravity Group at UMississippi has a regular weekly scheduled meeting throughout the year to discuss current research progress, topics of interest and new papers. Typically, at each meeting, two members of the group, each make a short presentation, either their current area of research or a paper that has attracted their interest.

For the Summer 2022, the Group meets on Tuesdays between 9-10AM with a journal club or seminar and on Thursdays between 9-10AM with research updates, both a scheduled ca. half hour presentation and room for free-form updates. The schedule of speakers for this semester is:

Group Meeting Schedule(*subject to change)

Date Paper Presentation Research Presentation
May 17 and 19 Sashwat Sumeet
May 24 and 26 Akshay David
May 31 and June 2 SEMINAR: Tousif Islam Károly
June 7 and 9 Lorena Leo
June 14 and 16 Purnima Aniket
June 21 and 23 Károly Amitesh
June 28 and 30 SEMINAR: TBA Subhayu
July 5 and 7 Leo Nathan
July 12 and 14 Joe Lorena
July 19 and 21 Subhayu Anuradha
July 26 and 28 SEMINAR: TBA Sashwat
August 2 and 4 Amitesh Purnima
August 9 and 11 Anuradha Akshay
August 16 and 18 Nathan Joe

The group also has a running series where an external speaker is invited to give seminar talk during one of the usual meetings on their area of research or any topic of interest. The seminar then replaces the usual format of the meetings on those days. The list of external speakers will be updated as time goes on.

The Gravity Seminar series will take place during the weekly journal club slot for Summer Semester 2022.

Tentative List of Seminars(*subject to change)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title of talk
05/31/2022 Tousif Islam University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Surrogate model for gravitational wave signals from non-spinning, comparable- to large-mass-ratio black hole binaries built on black hole perturbation theory waveforms calibrated to numerical relativity

The next scheduled seminar speaker is TBA

Abstract: TBA

The archive of previous seminars is here.

Note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the meetings have shifted to an online format. This format will be followed until otherwise announced. In case one wishes to participate, please direct your queries to either Dr. Leo Stein <>.
or Dr. Anuradha Gupta <>.